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World Warfare
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League Tournament

Commanders, post your sitrep and ideas on tournament here! 

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    • Improvements to the Buildings of the League: Explanation: »It is because when there are many bombers or battleships, the towers and buildings of the league, level 1 or monument, can not withstand that great attack, it is as if there were no turrets and the reach of the turrets against the battleships it's almost zero. »That's why I suggest these improvements : -I want to suggest you add a button to improve the buildings of the city of the league. -That the members of the team and the leader can activate the improvements in the city of the league, either level 1 or monument. example: + 10% repair speed + 10% of life recovered when rebuilding + 10% of field of vision + 15% of reach of the turret + 15% attack on airplanes + 10% attack against infantry + 15% attack against armor + 15% attack against vehicles + 15% attack against battleships + 15% attack on ships - I suggest this since there is an equal button in the improvement of the buildings of each player.     
    • Wait a minute!!!  You mean there aren’t subs already? Dam.....I've been looking for weeks 😮  
    • I like these ideas, there are some bugs yes, as I've found as a player mainly is your internet, but what " regardless " game issues do you have
    • Let's focus on fixing the existing issues first please.   But if we we're to add new troops I'd like to see the following. M45 Qaudmount: Is a towable AA gun like Bofor and can also be acquired in the city. It requires a 20 second setup, It has more health than bofors, but less than flakpanzers. Fletcher Class Destroyer: An LC naval unit. Specialized in firing torpedoes at enemy battleships causing massive damage, is very fast and difficult to for battleships to hit with their big slow guns. Has fairly low health when compared to most naval units, and torpedoes have low range.
    • I am making this a topic to alert people of the steam version that is different from this version, old school rules, higher levels, more troops, only 5 days, and some what chat buggy. I can introduce yall to the game if interested in the computer rules and how to play contact me on here. I dont want to give up on it and I want everyone to try it if they can.