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    • I will agree with Zeus in everything. My brothers in arms also during the past year twice met such lags on the battlefield. We survived, lost a lot of troops and it lasted for two to three days at the end of the battlefield. I do not remember exactly, but to mine there were Chinese leagues. We wrote in technical support, but we were ignored until the battlefield ended. after the end of the battle, they told us that this is an isolated case, we will not investigate and reimburse anything.  Our league was the only one that could not play. While the rivals quietly played and attacked us. We demanded to conduct a investigation, check for server hacking or extraneous actions. violation of connection routing. But technical support laughed at us and ignored us. We realized that it was useless and realized that the game turns into a farce I'm sorry that Zeus that you are faced with these lags, but this is not news. I hope you continue to play. and I hope that there will be people who will correct errors in the game and will not abuse powers. take a look at the table of ratings of the bronze cup 10 season. I wrote that 12 points after one battlefield can not be, they have not been fixed, ignore technical support and laughter.
    • Florian read this screenshot below and then tell me how you interpret it. I can't think of any way this makes sense other than something shady against GODz. I did mention that context of earlier and later discussion is missing so maybe there's more to it... but here I see Aw (the leader of war1war) specifically say he's going to take his 3 leagues to fight GODz and then staff reply that they will provide technical support... and even says he's willing to stay up all night to be on guard lol. the "extent" of the conspiracy against GODz is unknown here. But even if it's just harmless "watching to make sure everything goes smoothly" why does support have to assure enemies of GODz that they will do this and stay up all night and be on guard to watch us? Lol. Wouldn't be more fair or make more sense if he simply replied that they will watch both sides and maintain fairness throughout all battles?  Seems strange to me. But even if everyone disagrees and thinks the screenshot means nothing to show bias against GODz I already said that doesn't even matter to me. I just want lag and connection problems fixed so I can play they game without freezing and circle loading and can't move everytime like there's a battle to fight. That's it. I don't want any gems... I don't want any army credited to my account... I just want the game to work so I can annihilate all who would dare oppose me. That's all   if I start a new league I'm going to name it the The LAG Monsters cuz nothing is more unstoppable and scary than LAG 
    • Now that you explain, I kind of understand but at the same time don’t. The photos that you supposedly said were evidence and your initial post, it looks like you were downright condemning developers. The photos don’t say shit.
    • Thank you Bolt for taking the time to respond. Support in this game has almost always treated me and GODz fairly, and I have respect for you and all of the hard work that you and your team put into this game.  But with that being said... you see the screenshot right? And you see how someone could read that and come to the conclusion that maybe something isn't right?  As for a potential motive, "parity" amongst leagues could lead to higher morale and more revenue also. If one team (such as GODz) dominated all others all the time then the "others" could get frustrated and walk away more easily. Potentially in the best interest of the developers to "help" (either directly or indirectly) other leagues to keep them interested and enthusiastic in the game.  In fact, it's been this way "indirectly" for years. Before you were even here... support changed tactics and "nerfed" parts of the game month after month because GODz enemies complained about it being the reason for why we won so much. Artillery Support tactic was nerfed first because we were stacking them and wiping out armies back when it did 15% damage of total health. Medic/ Health tactic was nerfed (it used to have 60 second cool down) and GODz members were using them back to back to back. Bombers used to do crazy damage if you kept tapping attack then target over and over then that was changed.  We have continuously discovered and mastered advantage after advantage after advantage and our enemies complain about it then support changes it. The most recent example is Tournament. We won the championship in season 9... then our enemies complain that it's only because of alt leagues and second acct leagues (something the Chinese and War1war and plenty others did to win tournemanent long before we ever did)... but immediately after we win tournament and enemies complain... the support staff changes the rules and now there is no Diplomacy allowed lol. Meanwhile we still first place in season 10 anyway because non of those things are the reason we are good. It's just because we are really active and skilled and will keep trying new things and organizing to find advantages because that's what smart people do.  To be fair... all of those things that the game changed were good decisions. The tactics NEEDED to be nerfed. And bombers damage calculation was an exploit that NEEDED to be fixed. And Diplomacy did not matter to us. The noobs who complain didn't realize it but it helped them much more than it ever helped us. So that's all fine. But it's not right to say that the game never does technical changes to benefit some leagues and try to slow down others. It's been happening for years. I welcome it... more challenges means more fun for us as we overcome it and dominate most of our maps anyway.  Where I draw the line is this past map that GODz just finished. We ended up clearing the entire map and winning with huge margin of victory anyway... but it was hands down THE MOST frustrating battlefield I have ever played in this game. I lost 7 armies back to back to back to back to back to back over and over and every single time I couldn't even command my troops. Circle loading lagging out... can't give tactics... can't move... kicked out of game... parameter error.. screen frozen. It was incredible. I've played hundreds of battlefields in this game and never felt that helpless or frustrated before until this past week. Both sides complained about lag but the five leagues we were fighting didn't seem to have it as bad.  Then I see the screenshot I posted in original thread about providing technical support to enemy of GODz after enemy tries to get in tourney match with us.  How am I supposed to interpret that? Bolt when you read it... what does it seem to you?  I enjoy this game A LOT. But my last BF was literally unplayable. And if things are all of suddenly worse for GODz than they are for other people and other leagues... then there's a screenshot that might explain why.  I only came back here because some support guy "officer David" had a GODz DL email me to come. I posted in contact us. Just fix the lag and connection problems then I'll shut up. I don't want to cause problems. I just want to be able to play the game without severe lag and connection problems showing up every single time a large battle is about to happen (which is every day when you in GODz). Let me know when it's fixed then I'll come back. Until then I quit and will look for other games to play during my spare time. That's it. 
    • I dunno, probably because it has 8000+ health and is very deadly in numbers. You would need an answer from the devs lol. If you want stuff that is OP, just get 10 Tigers and 40 stugs with 7 giga transports. Works ALL the time.