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World Warfare
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  1. Today
  2. Something I forgot to mention in my previous post was population. Troops are slow, not enough time and not enough population to train troops. I always run out of population when making troops and so does everyone else. Increase the amount of population given please!
  3. Agree, increase the length of map and bump up the speed a touch. If increasing the time may also need to increase size of map as well
  4. I just started playing and I think the battlefield is Good!
  5. Yesterday
  6. Hi, I think battle of the bay is an interesting map, but there are some issues. The speed of the troops/the length of the map. A day to fight and kill the enemy with slow troops? Increasing troop speed and or the length of the map. The days of the map are not the best for many. Wednesday and Sunday? I think Wednesday is an alright day to start, but I'd say make it be Saturday instead of Sunday. A huge issue is alts. I've done bay 7 times and we've faced alts every single team. So, I think if you make the troops much faster and make the length longer. More people will want to play and that those who aren't alts who play Bay won't always face alts.
  7. If u make more village with double amounts of oil and steel will be better, like we take 2 day collect rss to make ship and this will be more boring to take long time for make some good amount of ship, but by the way it's been great map
  8. please enlarge their genitals 😂😂😂
  9. Last week
  10. Increase the speed just a bit. Good map otherwise.
  11. просто сделай х2 скорость. В игре так много проблем, и карты не проблема, их много, и все они хороши. работать на баланс и лаги
  12. Hello Commanders, Battle of the Bay was a very intense map from the start. Now we are about to optimize this map. Please share your suggestions and opinions on this map. Your insights will probably be realized in next version. Thank you.😁 Peter
  13. I like the idea of cool downs on shields, not sure it needs to be sped up any, doing this could mess with strategies. However my big suggestion is a cool down on life saving, and by that I mean how quickly a single unit can receive this tactic.
  14. Speed it up, almost all the bfs are too slow. Don’t let alts in, if there’s a way to do that. Interesting bf though, hope it’ll be better after the fixes.
  15. The field is good but adding more speed would be nice, but otherwise the map is good! The field is good but adding more speed would be nice, but otherwise the map is good! Gorkha Blood
  16. My Name in the Game is Aleflight 20
  17. Ipad


    Hallo, we are recruiting for tournaments. You have to request to enter in the squad Grosser-Bruder and you’ll be accepted. Tehre are only 10 places!!! Hurry up! (There are a very important reward.
  18. It was very nice map i like it,...
  19. Ipad

    Tournaments enter

    We are recruiting in our squad. Enter the squad Grosser-Bruder and at 19:00 we start the tournament. There are only 10 members too!!! Hurry up!!!!
  20. Version 1.0.0

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  21. Earlier
  22. i have strong reasons to believe that extreme lag which we had is due to complex video graphics happening on screen. many different units from different players on screen + tactics + damage calculations + graphics which correspond to any command (management / control) of units (for example, tiger tanks with permanent skin + in speed march + with all tactics + many units from different players = server can not proccess all command inputs & graphics outputs. is there any way to "lower" graphics quality? do we need so much "smoke" when units are moving? if you dont fix lag - players will stop playing and/or spending on game. it is absolutely against any logic that you can not give diamonds back to players who spent them in cup.
  23. we lagged so hard..wasted so much ..sent you lots of pms..noone answered yet .i want my money or gems back
  24. BUG. Can't capture enemy's league city. I don't convert, I want to capture. LOW LEVEL CITY. CAN NOT BE CONVERTED INTO A LEAGUE CITY. 5 days is too long for this map. Make 3 days to declare victory.
  25. We can’t move a thing. Can’t even select building to build rss, can select command center to send troops. This is not acceptable. People put so much effort into preparation for cup and we can’t play it. It has been like this for last 7 hours. Suggest to reset week 1, fix the server, and start again next week
  26. Cup start every Saturday morning and this the second time first day of cup we have problems lagging or some players can’t get in the field as we all know cup start every Saturday and you support don’t work weekends I believe should be someone from support team working in first day of cup their is no point coming back to us Monday because mostly field end first 2 days
  27. BUG. Can't capture enemy's league city. I don't convert, I want to capture. LOW LEVEL CITY. CAN NOT BE CONVERTED INTO A LEAGUE CITY.
  28. I didn't get a chance to play it which sucks but based off of the comments this mode whould have been really fun it sounds like there's a lot of navel play in this one so that's cool I can't wait for the next time you guys put it out so I can try to try it but hey can yhall add more modes for us to be able to play anytime we want like the 260 player mode (I probably got the player count wrong) it's fun but that's all there is to do intill the other modes unlock witch takes a while an can there be a mostly water map for a always playable map that whould be neet. Ok thx for reading this an please at least give it some thought bye (sorry for making it a bit long)
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