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World Warfare
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  2. In my opinion. Alts are good. You need them for scouting maps ahead of time. Extra personal tactics when your lacking team support. Also I use my alt when I can't really play and I wanna monkey around alil.. the shkelds are an issue.. crazy how a league can hold up progress over a shield and change the turn out completely. But again we need shields. Really I think your doing a great job with this game DEV'S. Slow and steady with improvments.. you've fixed the lag issue and for he most part no complaints. Gemming,alts and shields are essential and I wouldn't recommend getting rid of them. Only thing I'd suggest is putting a cap number on gemming.. its the only main issue.. league will gem like crazy that its nearly impossible to keep up
  3. I agree I think that is a great idea to help people who have a lot of generals
  4. Its come to my attention that having alot of generals at my disposal to use. That it takes alot of time and focus to switch and fumble through the long list of generals I have. If there was a preset list or quick switch to specific generals. Or maybe a preset 1,2,3 option so we can preset generals in each preset up list to make faster switch overs. And have the freedom to switch up our presets.. this past bfd I was switching all over the place. Fumbling through generals trying to find certain ones. When I should be focusing on battle. Not fumbling through generals.. what are your thoughts on this idea?
  5. Yesterday
  6. That’s stupid, the devs should have told us cause now some of us won’t be able to play or will have to surrender out of a field. And I don’t want to surrender out of a global field that’s been going on for 3 days already
  7. i dont think so. map is listed in individual (not league like for league tournament) battlefields, and you can play just 1 individual map at a time...
  8. Will we be able to be in a global field and MMR tournament field at the same time?
  9. Last week
  10. Saving Private Ryan
  11. This would be a great chance to prove real skill by not using any gems or a very little amount of them as there should be a limit when it’s just a test to see if all goes to plan and maybe keep the limit if it is fully released
  12. Love the idea of the tournament but how are the lower tier players gonna win any if they get put in with better people with them it’s the exact same as regular tournament it’s who Evers wallets are thicker is who’s gonna win
  13. How many teams/leagues will there be in a field?
  14. Greetings Commanders! We're not always doom and gloom in the arms of warfare, we can express our passions for all things historical to ww1 and ww2. Many of those passions are expressed through different mediums be it: books, games, plays, and in this case movies. Can you name a world war movie that you enjoy. It can be straightforward action movies, historically accurate movies, or even controversial movies that challenge some of our morals here in the west. Even public domain movies work. We want to know movies that help contribute to your enthusiasm for ww2 in general. Regards, World Warfare Team YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnpc0Z50w5QcAZvkMsL5S3w IOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/world-warfare-3d-mmo-wargame/id1035495958 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.joycrafter.worldwarfare.gp
  15. not bad, not terrible (pictures are NOT from cannon class)
  16. new arty unit is practically a very nice regular city (!) answer to the m40 unit from LC. since it doesnt have to be setup as normal arty, and with higher attack / defense / speed status numbers, normal cities now have an offensive arty unit (i call regular arty a defensive unit cause of settingup time and unit speed). upgrading new arty unit ONLY with MMR tournament token will also delete the difference between players who spend money on game and those who dont - you can not buy tokens for upgrading this unit (very cool from developers, their focus was not on money). of course, i believe we will soon see a new officer for this unit... 1. will any of EXISTING officers which influence regular arty will also effect new arty? (for example the chief officer?) 2. there is no bf tech and class tech for new unit, can you confirm this?
  17. Artys need a buff 😡 Lol luv the game YODA is my gamertag
  18. I have a fun idea for you guys to make. A map: 2 leagues vs 2 leagues. 1 league vs 1 league Example: Liberty rising. Awesome land and water map. Its Europe.. love it. Maybe you'll make a map of US & Mexico/Caribbean. Incorporate Mississippi River/Panama canal. Baja, great lakes. ETC;) In anycase.. you have 40 vs 40. Or 20 vs 20 The leagues pre pick thier allie or if 1 vs 1 know ahead of time who your playing. Like a sign up list. Not having it pre built or produced troops. To have everyone drop in at the same time, spaced East/West with High leveled citys separating leagues. To design a "Battle Royale" Map is what im talking about i guess. dropped into a map at the same time in specific locations. By doing this. You get a bigger number of ppl in on the action. And you see the best of the best come together to make a Royale. 😉
  19. Было бы здорово, если подбор рангов игроков на картах был более сбалансированным, нередко игроки с очень высокими рангами уничтожают более слабые лиги, не давая развиваться и получать достаточно опыта для прогресса. При этом сделать им ничего нельзя из за высоко прокачаной техники и обилия разных тактит, а нередко и большого количества геммов. Соответственно предлагаю ввести систему выравнивания по рангам при заходе на новое поле боя, чтобы была возможность сражаться честно а не зайти и умереть. Заранее спасибо
  20. Check vol.2 Map speed is 2X. The personal strength is decided by your MMR score.
  21. This seems exciting. Could already run down a list I know that be the top 100 haha.. kinda curious how I'd do? How is the set up..? Would it be like 6vs6 set up? Were you have things already produced. Or build from ground up? Need to go read the full description of the map. Each map has a diffrent feel you know. Wish we could get a warm up of the map. Its like going in blind. Sounds exciting tho:) I see your developers stratagy. Smart..
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