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World Warfare
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  1. Last week
  2. Yeah lol that would be a bad idea
  3. Liebe Community, wir von Lion Empire suchen noch nette aktive deutschsprachige Spieler/in. Wir freuen uns auf jeden neuen Zuwachs und hoffe auf gute Zusammenarbeit. Bisher sind auch noch einige Ränge zu vergeben da wir versuchen einen guten organisierten Caln zu erstellen, also wer Lust hat meldet euch ingame bei mir
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  5. AlexPoteete323


    Hello, I transfered from mobile to PC and i was wondering if this will ever be re released on PC because this was really fun to play on PC
  6. Sanyikos


    Should we join or we sholdnt
  7. It ruins the league tournaments and it's supposed to be who is better not who has a bigger wallet
  8. And bring blueprints back lol
  9. So this game is good. As we all know but with every game there are some problems. People gem way too much and there are glitches, etc. So I have some suggestions to make 1. Make a global map where items CANT be used. No gems, no tactic cards, shields. A 100% completely fair and tactically dominant map. 2. More troops are wanted and really needed. This game is fun but we dont have a huge element in warfare. Submarines. Which has its advantages and disadvantages but it should be relatively easy to make (uboats were made around 25 a month) and add a destroyer that can locate submerged subs and use depth charges to destroy them. add the panzer IV and other tanks as well. Also in WW2 there were more than the M1 and the Kar98k. Add a sub-machine gun infantry that can capture cities like regular Infantry. Also the BF 109 should be added to muni production with the Hipper class cruiser into LC production with the german Wespe SP artillery. 3. I'm asking you devs to make a german and allied unit for each "unit" because I would like to see a choice between allies or Axis after you select your tech tree class. This is a world war 2 game, and I'm not saying that if you select allied tech and troops you have to fight Axis people (that's later.) But they each have their own advantage and disadvantage and it's your choice whose troops to use. 4. Now I would like to see liberty rising host an allied vs Axis event with core states from both sides housing a certain level city and a number of troops. And see the Axis counties (Germany Italy, Romania, Hungary, and Slovakia vs UK, France, Poland, Europe states of the USSR and the other minor countries on both sides) the neutral countries in the war will be rebel cities. That's what I have for other people who want to make suggestions comment them and devs keep doing good work.
  10. Nudge


    Trying to get new players we have a good base but want to retain players that are willing to jump into a new Battlefield each Friday so we can all start at same time and be on map beside each other to enable us to build LC and donate with ease .
  11. I have some Troop suggestions to make. And also a new gamemode so please listen. I would like to see a german troop tree and an allied troop tree so he is what I got Land units- I would like to see the Kar98k for a german infantry and have the Panzer IV as a German medium tank, in turn the allies should have a Churchill heavy tank as a muni production tank. Also add the Wespe german SP artillery to the LC lineup of armaments. Add the Chaffe light tank to LC or commercial center trade. Air units - the BF 109 for production in a muni close the the same price of the P-51 I would also like to see escort/heavy fighters added like the BF 110. Naval units - the German uboat and other allied subs with a diving system that is limited due to oxygen. Also make destroyers able to find and use depth charges on subs. Both of these muni producable and relatively cheap. Also add the Hipper class Cruiser to LC production. Gamemode- I would like to see an allies vs Axis Europe using the liberty rising map but map the cities s bit bigger and downsize the map a little, you have the birth of tragedy 1939 where it sets up UK, Poland,USSR, france and other minor allied nations vs Germany, Itlay, Romania, Hungary, and spain. How this will work is where each "city" of the allies or Axis cores is occupied by a person who chooses allies or Axis. Each person starts with 12 infantry, 6 Light tanks, 4 medium tanks 1 heavy tank, 6 fighters and 4 bombers. 6 destroyers, 4 cruisers 2 BBs and 1 aircraft carrier that are a city of a MAJOR NATION. The minors will start with half of the major nations but not have heavy tanks or aircraft carriers. These are my suggestions to make this game more interesting and fun. Thanks.
  12. Ok so first of all I know nobody really uses the forum anymore but maybe somebody important will see this so my suggestion is that for a while or for holidays release a battlefield called Vintage Battle or something because I don't know about the rest of the veterans but I've been playing this game for 4 years and I get so much nostalgia thinking back to the old days of this game when there were no league cities or league troops no light tanks stugs the only aa was Bofors and fighters no commandoes no science no tech and no vehicle versions of tank destroyers no resource zones only cities villages military zones and harbors and most of all no Officers just the basic raw game it would be great to get to play that version of the game again just to bring back memories and maybe bring back old friends to play it with and let it be just like the old days and most importantly to let all the new guys post-golden age and post-beta to get to see what the game was like back in the good days
  13. 好大一个bug怎么就没有人提呢?
  14. Cadet map should be forced until reaching Rank LT I that way we avoid all the alts also veteran player with 4 alts is a big hurdle as a rookie I would not waste money if I played this game now I’m just lucky I started 4 years ago when the rewards made sense
  15. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QwTatq9tjqA extend m40’range / splash damage / aoe
  16. In my opinion rivers would be good. So like, they would be near waffen SS or/and players cities. So it wont be that easy to rush enemy city by land, of course there must be bridges. It will make players make new tactics of attacking enemy cities on land. But ships wouldnt be able to get in rivers.
  17. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QwTatq9tjqA
  18. Hey, can you please also give me you ID number ? Thanks.
  19. Can you please give me your ID number, the battlefield ID number and your location? It'll help us fix this issue quickly. 您好!请问是哪个战场呢?能否提供一下战场ID 号码?
  20. the battlefield was good. But I fail to see how any of the new post help u offer a vehicle that has no defense what’s so ever and if u try and build anything it automatically triggers light tank rebel which have more hp at level 1 then my level 3 lights even have , my opinion is that is a major glitch not to mention the posts take longer to build level 1 then it takes to build a level 1 turret and is weaker then a level 1 turret there is room to improve to make a better balance
  21. Great map except..... steel has to change once you lose troops you can’t catch up. Also daily chest are neat u til you get 25 bugles as prizes..... that is ridiculous for it being a cool addition and way for people to get things without having to spend money. Overall I enjoyed it.
  22. So it would be good if you guys could introduce an armament queue to help keep ppl ticking along when they are away at work like with the building queue you can pay 300 diamonds to unlock for a day. Now i know guys you are thinking but we can already produce and build our units using a queue, but that is not exactly what i mean. What i am proposing is like with the build queue that keeps you ticking along while away, i think a good addition would be an unlock that auto starts building your produced units at an army/naval or air base as soon as they are produced at the munition factory automatically without a player needing to find time to get online and produce as well as finding more time to then build. 300 diamonds a day like the base queue would be a fair price id be happy to pay for that conveience for another feature like the build queue that can help us working class blokes stay just that bit more competetive against the players that have alot more free time due to being retired or whatever. Serious.....it could work
  23. Again my bombers cannot enter carrier now.
  24. I just found my bombers and scouts can enter carrier now.
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