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      App Available on Android Now   08/16/2016

      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.

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  2. Hitgirl got her female officer 👍🏻
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  4. Hello Commanders! Take a look at the newest officers coming to World Warfare this July! We brought you WWII icons Claire Lee Chennault, Mariya Dolina, and Fedor von Bock. Also known as The Flying Tiger, The Night Witch, and The Holy Fire of Küstrin! We also brought back fan favorites George S. Patton, Konstantin Rokossovsky, and more! As before, these officers will be available at a discounted price for 7 days. So make sure you don't miss out on this sweet deal! We have also added a New Officer Pack, which comes with 3 new officers, diamonds, gold, and amethysts! This Officer Pack will only be available for 7 days! So don't miss out! Now let's take a look at the new officers you've all been waiting for: The Holy Fire of Küstrin Fedor von Bock $14.99 $9.99 (First 7 days) His ability is applicable to Maus Tanks. At the officer's highest level, the perks are: 25% attack against Infantry. 25% attack against Vehicles. 20% attack against Armor. 33% attack against Buildings. Add 20% to maximum HP. Add 15% to maximum Speed. Flying Tiger Claire Lee Chennault $14.99 $9.99 (First 7 days) His ability is applicable to Bofors. At the officer's highest level, the perks are: Add 75% to maximum HP. Add 10% to maximum Speed. Night Witch Mariya Dolina $29.99 $19.99 (First 7 days) His ability is applicable to Strategic Bomber. At the officer's highest level, the perks are: 25% attack against Infantry. 10% attack against Vehicle. 15% attack against Armor. 20% attack against Building. Add 10% to maximum Speed. Add 15% to maximum HP. Add 50% to maximum Ammo. And also, some familiar faces! Patton Henry "Hap" Arnold Hugh Dowding Aleksandr Vasilevsky Konstantin Rokossovsky
  5. I can't imagine the developers intended city protection to be used as I have seen recently in several fields. Protection of a city should only benefit the city owner, not all the league members. Currently there is no downside to using protection other then the cost which is free if you use the daily reward. The protection is instant unless the city is under attack, Your turrets still attack, your troops in the bases are protected, enemies do not know the duration of the protection, you can repair your troops, build new troops and collect resources, and then cancel protection when ever you want. Almost all the other games I have played have some downside to protection, you need to wait for the timer to expire before attacking, you do not collect resources, there is a timer before protection takes effect, and the protection only covers owning players. Currently a player can receive a notification that an enemy troop is in his territory, log into the game and bubble up instantly.
  6. I like the idea but your price is way too inflated. To match the current gold for dollars pricing your exchange should be as follows: $15 General - 204,000 gold $30 General- 510,000 gold $ 50 General- 850,000 gold
  7. Back when officers were first added most players knew at this game would take a turn for the worst for the average player. But the first set had one that cost 100000 gold , I think it was a long time ago. But now it's only pay $15 $30 or $50 for these game changers . Can you guys bring back this to the game for example you could pay 15 dollars for an officer or you can spend 750,000 gold . 2,000,000 for 30 and 5,000,000 for 50 . This allows players to save gold over a long period of time or just spend money to buy them . Even though the gold prices are high the benefits of having them are huge . For me I only have one officer which is the one that gives increased range and I love him it allows me to defend against most artillery attacks and bombers early game but I could only get him because I had $15 from my birthday that I decided to spend on it but others can't even do that . But say someone is going against another person. that one person has 43 m40 max level on tech tree and he is going against someone with 37 m40 almost max level . They person should win if it's a head on battle but say that someone had the officer that boosted m40 hp and attack that someone would win even though that person had more units that were level a bit higher because a 20% boost is bigger than say an extra 60 attack for the level difference . This small addition should make the game more playable for non pay to win players but still make it so that Joy craft could make some money off of it .please take some time to think about this request .
  8. Yesterday
  9. Im looking through our resources, i dont think anyone in WeFew has maxed out lt. tanks yet
  10. Ive recommended the tutorial where i explained how the different orders work, your response was you like to figure stuff out on your own. Now you have an issue when i suggest you figure it out. So far i have tried to answer every single question you have posted on these forums. Now, I'm not sure its worth the effort. You will either figure it out or you wont. Good luck.
  11. I agree that these automatic moves are a pain in the butt, but I am not sure you should see them as flaws. More like the meeting of two alternative needs for gameplay...the need to move troops with a single command versus the need to have troops defend themselves automatically. i always thought that a good solution would have been a better HOLD command, where troops really do not move at all!
  12. Not able to get on again
  13. Its broken because I tried moving stuff further numerous times back but when i come back and the troops are engaged again. Why have hold position or move to position if they both basically allow the troops to engage when you do not want them to engage. If my troops are out of range and are not being attacked why would or should they engage... Heck even the reply above mentioned this as an issue.. but in your eyes its just something i have to magically figure out. Yes I could adapt to these flaws but they're til flaws.
  14. great ,lol all dead for sure , i just got like 30 noti. at a time T^T
  15. Hellooooooo. I am still cant log in ,stuck at the loading screen T^T ...help me move my giant transporter and bombers back to the city 1372 pleaseeee ,there are 85 units there and they are all my troops ...they are going to clash soon >< My in game name is RankSS Thank youuuuuuuu
  16. My in game name RankSS Please move all my gigs and bombers back to the city 1372 ,thanks ^^ I'm not sure that we can go online yet ,but i am keep trying to log in and stuck at the loading page "Downloading asset index'' ...so i'm still cant log in
  17. Game is back online, maintenance ends early!
  18. Hi, loving this game so far Looking forward to the end of mantainence 😀😀
  19. Yes they are in city territory and it has food but I have lost everything the night before, is there a reason why that happens?
  20. We are a small fun league with active members who are great at helping others out. We pride our selves on being very active and having a good laugh together on the game.
  21. Are they in your city territory? Does the city have food?
  22. Hi all, i have the same problem and also this is the time I log in after the night in UK and now my troops need food etc, am I going to lose all my troops again?
  23. “We expect the maintenance to end at approximately 10:00 am UTC (3:00 am PDT).” Correct me if this is wrong.
  24. Everytime this goes down for maintenance and we have to update this happens they give you a time and it never is the right one They should just say down for maintenance instead of giving us a time and then not Being able to keep it
  25. It's not, still 40 minutes left.
  26. It's past time for this matinance to be over but still can't log in
  27. Yes we can, tell me your in-game name please!
  28. HOW !! when I cannot log in hahaha ~~ ,i dont mind but really need something like a warning msg to us ;players before the maintenance. ^^ oops ,sorry ,i ready your msg wrong ! you can do that ?
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