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World Warfare
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      App Available on Android Now   08/16/2016

      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.

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  2. League troop color

    Actually, this is a pretty solid idea. It's difficult to tell your allies apart from league mates since they are all green wine you view them. They should all be light blue just like in the battle map...
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  5. Next Update: Battlefield Tech and more

    I completely agree with this. League ranking bonuses have been introduced through Tournament battles very well but individual ranks could be added. I make this comment brief because I just wrote a large statement and somehow it got deleted, I'm not sure how it happened but I really don't want to write it again On the subject of battlefield tech, I love it, a great addition with the great perks like transport plane speed, resource boosts, and troops damage and health boosts. The battle levels to unlock each bunch of tech is a great limit to these boost at early stages in the game.
  6. List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    I have just read this post and note some interesting ideas to improve the game. what I have not seen mentioned is a proposal to introduce mines (both land and sea) to the game which may help to balance off against massed attacks on a city. Mines were a cirtical component in WW2, so surprised it has not been given some thought.
  7. List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    Seeing the A-Bomb is a game ender weapon pretty much I don't see how to implement it within the game structure. This may have been discussed already and if so I apologize. I would like to see more maps of various layouts and put forward randomly as to keep the playing field interesting because you never know what map is next or which you will be placed upon. This will keep leagues on their toes and require different strategies per map. Many long time player have played on the main map so much you just change your play based on your position on the map. Maybe also consider maps where a league can only get 10 members on per map. If its always changing due to the map the balance of power changes across the playing field for all.
  8. League troop color

    It would be great to tell your Allies from your actual team players on the battlefield
  9. That one dimensional army only works until you meet competent players.
  10. List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    I like this app biggly. It has a lot of possibilities of play. That said self propelled artillery is way overpowered. Could you image Patton leading an assault with priest 105 guns. But in the game they are the strongest unit. Ranged fire,area fire, huge hit points, and strong defense. The game seem to come down build spa and assault guns attack biggest base. I think this dumbs down the game. Solution, reduce the hit points by 1/2, (at least) so they would still be strong but not the only unit worth building.
  11. Start Teams ?

    He needs to finish the map hes in and gain a rank or 2
  12. Start Teams ?

    ok so we have to get on the same level ?
  13. Start Teams ?

    OK, that means he is in a map you are no longer eligible to enter because of your rank
  14. Start Teams ?

    No if i try to get in his team the game says "only for new players " or something like that.
  15. Start Teams ?

    Are you both in seperate league teams? Only one needs to open a league room, and the other needs to join it
  16. Start Teams ?

    Need Help ! My friend and i tryin to start a league team but one of us cant join either on his or on my game and i want to know if league teams are level based or if there is another thing we have to do if we want to start an team game. Greating from Germany
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  18. 100% Agree with Bloodmancer here. This game is far more about teamwork and strategy than spending. I will echo his advice to find a good league, learn the basics, go break things.
  19. Veterans Day Sale!

    100% agree
  20. Veterans Day Sale!

    Very happy, was finally able to get vinegar joe. Thanks.
  21. Why can't we transport population?!?!

    I suspect its more of a game balance thing. Population is the primary choke point for expanding and has to be managed carefully. Thats a good thing because expanded units are very powerful. There is already a way to transfer pop to your capital from non-capital cities. Its very inefficient, but hey, at least its something.
  22. Veterans Day Sale!

    Would be nice to be able to purchase some of these officers when NOT in a map . As i do not have time this week to do a map !!!!!
  23. Why can't we transport population?!?!

    The liquidity of cash I can agree, but realism has nothing to do with it. Most of this game isn’t realistic, like rocket artillery that out ranges large caliber guns. They can’t even get some of the skins right (mustang-spitfire). But they could make a “recruit” armament. Like you say, transporting military personnel. It cost 2-3k population but low money and steel. When transported to another city, consuming it through training causes the population to be added into the new city.
  24. Shielding and play balance

    This is a sensitive topic, and Shielding could possibly have a cool down soon (Mods did a pole the other day to ask us about it). But I will say this: Anything that could limit income probably wont be implemented. I'm not really a big spender, but these kind of things just generally don't get people anywhere.
  25. Why can't we transport population?!?!

    It wouldn't be realistic first of, Cash can be used on credit so it is very liquid and easily transferred. People cannot be used on credit, if you don't have the manpowered, you don't have. Realistically, people recruited into the military are transported to a center where training is being done all the time.
  26. The use of Diamonds and Amethyst in World Warfare (Gemming)

    This actually isn't the worst pay to win game that exists... If you actually think that, then you haven't been through a whole the online "Strategy" gaming community. This game balances it's payed features and skill based combat excellently. I don't pay that much and I beat people who gem all the time... Then again, I have been playing since nearly the beginning and I have built up an excellent amount of skill and am part of an amazing team. If you really want to be part of the elite and learn how to beat gemmers and spenders all the time, stop complaining and put time into the game, find a good team who will take you and make the best effort you can to learn from the from captains and 1st LTs. That's how you beat heavy spenders. They spend so hard because they can't win any other way, and they don't actually have any idea how to play this game. You don't really need money, just perseverance and hard work. This game is almost like being an US airman or soldier or part of any other military force, it's a mixture of teamwork, hard work, adaptability and pure skill. No amount of money can truly top that unless it's infinite... And no amount of money is. I will tell you something, Last night my team and I held off 8-10 armies. We had 5, yet we kept pushing and we defeated them all. They even gemmed troops and we still beat them back and won the battle. So keep pushing and you will eventually become a great player.
  27. The use of Diamonds and Amethyst in World Warfare (Gemming)

    Right. There is F2P and P2W. This is the worst P2W game that exists. They can sell lots of things to pay the bills without making players egregiously better. WoT console is a great example. Premium tanks usually don’t add much to tactical advantages, but rather increase rewards.
  28. Why can't we transport population?!?!

    What would be the impact of making population a community resource like cash? Cash doesn’t have to be moved between cities to be used.
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