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World Warfare
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  2. Moab


    Some oil zones are completely blocked by mountains, i feel like they shouldn’t be like that
  3. Last week
  4. I liked it, needs more oil and add bridges to connect land masses.
  5. I liked it, needs a little more speed and the lvl 15 cities shields only need to be about 12 hours not the 24. The navy respawn was a hassle and the lc glitch needs fixed. If you keep it to 6 from a league we should land together we dropped 2 then 3 more 10 minutes later and were strung out and no chance of working together from the start maybe should be when the league hits the start that everyone drops in at once even if they’re offline. The strength of the rebels was strong than the crisis map/thrust whatever you called it but it wasn’t that big of a deal. P.S. before you ask Peter it’s MojoRyder 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  6. I liked it, but you need to add more oil and add bridges to connect land masses.
  7. Map was very fun. Can you make all Ace tigers lvl 5? Also can you fix the glitch of league city? We were able to convert league city a city below level 10. Thank you all for putting an effort of giving us new challenges. Game name is Ricke14
  8. Need to fix the lag. chief Josef
  9. Nice map always nice to be new experience. Like the access to sufficient ress !! Need to fix the level 10 lc would have made it interested !! Nightbird
  10. Battlefield is ok. Like the others all bf need to speed up a little. Also would be good if alt accounts were not allowed in it. And a cool down period on shields
  11. Thanks Peter, I don't need amethists. just make lc aviable to convert from lower city then lvl 10
  12. Hello. Please give me your correct name. Please give me your correct name in the game. Thank you. Give me your correct name, please. Give me your correct name, please. Give me your correct name, please. Give me your correct name or ID number, please. Give me your correct name or ID number, please.
  13. Just looking at some of these screenshots and wow.....keep up the alts, boys ;-|🤬
  14. I was also ok with the time frame, with only 72 players, the map, like ours ended with 36hrs left to vote. Plus weekend warriors like myself get to play from Thursday to Sunday.
  15. No friends you go in and see if you can hang that will show who the Don Dada is
  16. It was excellent, but there's not much resources.There was only a little. You need an amendment to build ships, and so on. 😁
  17. Make league city available at low lvl city. not 10 and plus.
  18. thank you, peter. well received and highly appreciated. my impressions of the map are still mixed. it is definitely very hard map if you loose your capital, since you can not respawn city (72 cities in total). map description said LC can be converted only in lvl 10 cities, which was not the case (you could convert any city). i would most definitely play this map again.
  19. A really good map it was challenging and fun. I didn’t like the way the rebs could spawn and keep hitting your resource nodes that didn’t make sense
  20. I liked it a lot. But the NPC in the map is a little too much, especially around the 15s
  21. Make it bigger and add more citys
  22. I liked it. Found a few bugs. Troops attacking own city is one. Good speed. Map is kinda setup for airmen. Waterways are narrow ships can’t spread out easily. As a tanker It was a challenge in the beginning had to change up my routine.
  23. The overall map was well thought out. At beggining the rebels were very annoying comming at you all the time and their strenght were quite a challenge or should I say we just needed to be accustom to it. It seems that we were going to fight only them instead of other players. As the game progress with our development, it was not an issue; nonetheless, I would probably look at diminushing their strenght just a bit so we can concentrate our ability to go out and kill players or be kill ;-). The LC were able to be converted with a level one city wich was not supposed to happen, the effect was a Navy map change very rappidly to an air/ground map. This should be fix if this still your intend to implement it. I personnally disagree to implement it for a longer period as we saw it ended up in my BF close to what you were planning for. Overall it was a great map and need to be added to your list.
  24. Liked the bf a lot. Extending the duration would be good. The speed was good too
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