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      App Available on Android Now   08/16/2016

      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.

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  2. “Battle Royale”

    To further clarify what legal eagle has been saying, here is the dictionary definition of cheating. There is actually no way to get around this, as this is a hard cold fact. Cheating: Act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, especially in a game or examination
  3. Yesterday
  4. “Battle Royale”

    @KingCB. Since we are talking “for the record,” I need to clarify a few things: 1. I was never kicked out of godz, but I do admire all the members that were kicked out. I left weeks before “the great purge.” Also I don’t hate godz or you. 2. The first time godz went awol on our battlefield challenge was because they apparently wanted to fight on a 40 space battlefeild that does not exist and ignore the other 220 spaces in the battlefeild that does exist. If godz didn’t want to fight because they were too busy in cup or because they didn’t want anyone else to show up they should have never accepted the challenge in the first place. 3. Why did godz go awol the second time they accepted our challenge in October? This is completely unaddressed in kingcb’s tirade above. 4. The use of allies in cup or any other battlefeild is not the issue. The cheating comes not by having allies, it comes from “conquering” cities from our alt, sister leagues or allies. In every contest, it is cheating to make arrangements for your “opponent” to intentionally lose. That’s what godz did. 5. The battle royale is designed to create two opposing teams in the style of WW 2. If we get too many teams to fit 1 battlefield, We will create 2 battle fields. 6. The developers are aware of this battlefeild and are taking measures to host the battles that will involve thousands of troops. They don’t need beta testing. 7. Godz’ response to the “battle royale” is just another good reason why they are not welcome and we gratefully accept their promise not to come. More updates to come soon. legal eagle.
  5. “Battle Royale”

    @Fxweird. I love it when someone wants to discuss law. There can be no liability for slander or libel when the speaker states the truth— no matter how damaging those facts maybe to another’s reputation. Truth is an absolute defense to liability. So it is completely lawful to call godz cowards and cheaters. They are cowards for failing to show to two different battlefields. They cheat by conspiring to take cities without a fight. This has nothing to do with allies. Allies don’t pretend to conquer each other’s cities. Any team that conspires with another to “take a dive” is cheating. Godz arranged to conquer the cities of their allies or alt leagues— that is cheating by any definition. Can you think of any other setting where that kind of conduct is not cheating? Finally, for the information provided above I will be sending you my bill for legal services. Thankyou for your inquiry and if there are any other legal matters I can assist you, please do not hesitate to contact me.
  6. Why was the B25 nurfed?

    Yes I have noticed this as well, dont know what to tell you though, no idea why that is. My best guess is game balancing due to the new bombers that are coming.
  7. Massive Tank Battles

    I am sorry but what exactly is preventing you from having massive tanks battles as you call it in the regular map? Why do you feel that you need a special ground map to do this in? Which by the way is a horrible idea as I have explain in another thread only a few days ago, basically only tankers would play such a map and we should rename the game to trench warfare instead of world warfare see here for more details: http://www.worldwarfare.com/topic/2009-ground-map/ If the enemy is sapmming m40&whirbles at you dont feel obliged to do the same, if you do thats your problem not the game’s problem. Find alternatives to counter such spams and keep using your tanks all the way through the BF. There is enough unit diveristy in this game to ensure that there are several ways to accomplish the same goals. Its up to you as a player to get creative and not replicate the same thing ever one else is doing. If you choose to do like the others thats not a game design flaw thats intelectual lazyness.
  8. Massive Tank Battles

    As the war wages on, Mobile artillery and aa Dominate the Battlefield, It’s becoming very common and very routine . I’m sure all of us would like a map with only ground units(excluding league and arty) dominated by tigers and tank destroyers, the map should have an increase in speed as gigs will not be in the game, and the map in general must be a little small just like kill chain, Thank you for your time .
  9. I quit because of lag

    I have experience a lot of lag.... you know how I deal with it? I realize it’s part of the experience of a mobile game. Pull your head out of your Gluteus Maximus and stop complaining. Respectfully yours, Everyone Else
  10. Suggestions, units, tech, and more

    My humble thought: 1. God FINALLY. Jets and mustangs are to fast and if you want the game to be more historically accurate, let’s put that in! 2. I like the idea but I think that if such a thing were implemented, think about the lag. Every single troop has to register that command and think of and games. They’re like 1000 more troops in one area and such a command would completely burn the servers. It’s bad enough with the lag right now and I think that we should maybe focus on fixing the lag and then implementing it. But still a good idea. 3. To technical. New players have enough to learn and I think that would just tip them over the iceberg. 4. Interesting idea but I think that the transport planes we have right now are sufficient. 5. I guess maybe in the future. We are getting new bombers though! 6. The historical part of me is loving it. But the practical side of me is not crazy about it. 7. True. Thanks for specifically built to be able to go faster over any terrain. But they may become Op though then (Think about a permanent blitzkrieg) The rest I think are good ideas, but should not take priority over other things. Good suggestions!
  11. Suggestions, units, tech, and more

    I’ve been saving ideas, some my own, some are other’s suggestions I like. For the most part these ideas are simply and don’t require a lot of explanation. 1. Tech/ability - Escort, whether this is native to fighter units, the airman class or a bf tech, doesn’t matter. Fact is, this should be a simple add. Click the blue button at the bottom, it prompts a target, pick any allied non-fighter unit. That fighter now matches speed and course of the target unit until a new move, patrol, attack or enter command is given. 2. Waypoints - like every other war game in the history of war gaming. This should merely be built into the move interface. After clicking move, then a destination, it would ask for 2nd destination and offer an “end movement “ button. End movement causes the window to close returning to the unit menu in map like happens now. Maximum 3 destinations or something. Simple way to allow units to make a simple move or complex move without more clutter. 3a. Weather - hourly, 4hrs or daily, whatever works. A small icon in the corner, offer a forecast for the next several whether periods. For now, start with clear, rain or snow. No need change map graphics. Clear, no effects, 25% of cloudy, 25% chance rain/snow, 50% chance clear next period. Cloudy, no effects, 25% of cloudy, 25% chance clear, 50% chance rain/snow next period. Rain/snow - negative impact on air power effectiveness, negative impact on ground troop morale, 25% chance clear, 25% chance rain/snow, 50% cloudy next period. 3b. Ground conditions - exapanding on above. Again an icon, no need to affect map. Dry, mud, frozen. Happens after three continuous periods of weather. Default is dry, 3 periods of rain turns to mud, 3 periods of snow turns to frozen, 2 periods of dry/cloudy turns to dry. Dry - no effects. Mud - movement penalty, perhaps non-road movement only. Frozen - increased rate use of food and fuel. 3. Above. For those of you that played Panzer General, this will be familiar, and very similar. 4. Railroads. Double movement bonus of roads. Available level 4 CC. Have a tab in CC under transport function. Button named “build”. Clicking it lists available cities with matching lvl 4 CC or higher. Player must also control all territories between the two cities. Cost of railroad determined by distance. Computer determines shortest available route, player can not choose which roads are and are not converted. The gray road turns black after building, to indicate road+railway. A railway can only be used by allies, never enemy. Rail road is destroyed if a city it is connected to or a zone it passes through is captured and pacified by the enemy. Railway movement bonus not impacted by weather/ground conditions. 5. LC “long range” fighter unit? P-38 or Me-110 skin, attack between scout and fighter. But increase food, fuel, ammo capacity. Available lvl 2 LC. Something needs to counter strats before they are available. 6. National skins. All the unit values stay the same, but upon creating account or passing cadet map, player chooses skin set. Assault guns (German-stug, Russian - su-152, Brits - Churchill AVRE) light tank (G/R/B, pz III, bt-7, crusader) anti-tank (pak 38, m3, 76.2mm) you get the idea... now true students of wwii can use their skills to identify units and players that don’t care to learn, have to click to identify whether light, medium or heavy tank for that nations skin set. 7. City morale, impacts resource production and or population growth. Affected by troop kills/loss in territory. Also impacted by uso freature. Gives more use to the feature of uso by doing this. 8. Tanks should not have a cross country penalty. This will help them just be a little more useful. 8a. Expanding on tank movements. It’s called tracked movement. Vechiles are soft targets, tanks hard targets, but they can also be classed as tracked or wheeled. M40, whirly, stug are all tracked soft targets. At, rockets, aa, Jeep’s are all wheeled soft targets. 9. Continuing from 8a. A new unit - armored car. Like a Jeep, wheeled movement but considered a hard target, uses repel same as a light tank would. 10. Trucks, like gigs, but not an LC unit. A wheeled soft unit, has Troop capacity, can load wheeled - towed units or infantry only. Capacity 4-6. Units are dispatched the same as in gigs. LC unit would be half-track. A soft tracked unit. Can not be loaded into gig or c47 unless empty. That is all for now. Many details I left out so discussion can be had as too modifiedinv the idea to make it work the best way possible.
  12. I quit because of lag

    “Nobody wants to play with me, so I quit.” Let me help you with the door. It says “Pull” not “Push”. You have a nice day now, mmm-kay. Look out for that dog shi...oops, too late.
  13. I quit because of lag

    Ya déjense de estupideces y pónganse a jugar idiotas
  14. I quit because of lag

    To reiterate, we absolutely are doing all we can to find the bugs that are causing server lag and instability. We are a small team and we pride ourselves in building a game that is fun and satisfying; bugs, glitches and lag can ruin that fun and we sincerely apologize for that. I understand that it is tempting to think that because these issues have persisted, we don't care or we are too "greedy" or <insert bad faith reason here>. A truth that I believe everyone can agree on is that these issues hurt the game, which logically leads to lower revenue. It is in our absolute, 100% benefit as a company to fix these issues; both because we take pride in having a fun game and because it makes practical, fiscal sense. There is no world in which we would ever say "let's not fix these bugs, lets do something else instead". And while adding new content is not 100% risk free, the new content we are adding is not the main culprit but rather other, more complex interactions between the different components in our software. As to the idea that we purposely rig the game for certain leagues, going so far as to weaponize lag(?)... I work out of our Office in San Francisco with a small team here, and collaborate with the developers out of Beijing. I am in several practical ways the "boss" (Product lead, Project Manager, etc. call it what you will). The idea that I or anyone on our team would collude with players to betray the spirit of a competitive game is simply disgusting. I can't speak to other developers' experience, but in the 10 years I've been in the games industry I have never seen anything of this sort where I've worked, and I would not tolerate it. As gamers and consumers ourselves, we take our responsibility for ethical behavior very seriously. I know the support agent in that screenshot, and nothing that is said there screams "we will collaborate with you to cheat". This sounds more like someone wanting to face off fairly against Godz in a tournament? and support saying "you can figure it out". Saying we will provide technical support is not a smoking gun, its more like trying to be polite if anything. I get that for some, we are "the man" and everything we say or do is suspect. Authority figures and all that, I get it. But I hope most players who play and enjoy the game can see the reason in my explanations above and reach a less suspicious, less worst-case scenario point of view. To KingCB: we hate to see you go, we hope you'll check back as we work on and (hopefully soon) fix the ongoing issues. Thank you for reading.
  15. Last week
  16. I quit because of lag

    Its one thing to complain about lag (i feel for you) albeit we are all in the same boat... Its quite another thing to accuse game support of colluding with certain leagues to fix the game in their favour. Specially since what you have provided as “proof” has nothing to substanciate such claims, is very vague, does not mention any of the particiapnts in that very short dialogue and can so easily be taken out of context. This is down right slanderous as far accusations go.
  17. I quit because of lag

    I dunno. We finished a map few hours ago, and we had no issues this time. That was a normal classic global bf. Perhaps you re playing the blitzkrieg, which is new and maybe has still several issues.
  18. I quit because of lag

    Right now it is unplayable unless u just want to kill ss and take empty city. 6 fights same problem cant get in the game or freeze or not able to move troops.
  19. I quit because of lag

    u said it, and that s all you had to know. I was kidding and since I am not a dev, I can t help the matter. Yes I had also Issue problems, but I would not say the game is unplayable. that s not true. For my point of view, this game is pretty complex and it has to deal with big waves of dates. So I do not get mad when it stucks. Keep calm and be happy. Kidding the child who cries for nothing is not a crime.
  20. I quit because of lag

    Your comment is stupid. I dont play two accounts and experienced the same issue. The map is unplayable. It is an issue need to address. Making fun of other people comment is not helping the matter.

    You can still get gold from battlefields and get what you wanted, there is not a limit on how much gold you can obtain.
  22. I quit because of lag

    try to play with one account. Maybe the problem is ur router which gets crazy from switching dates by your dozens of alt accounts
  23. I quit because of lag

    I have decided to quit the game because of extreme lag, connection issues, loading, spinning circle, parameter errors, and other assorted glitches with the game. I have decided NOT to encourage anyone else to quit... because I believe everyone should make decisions for themselves. I have transferred Leader of GODz to Slayer whom I trust will do a great job leading our team into whatever the future holds. A few of the deputy leaders have my email address so they can message me if they need me. Otherwise, I am deleting this app and Line chat and will not return ever again. The only reason I am posting this thread before I go is because I think it's important that people know about the possibility of game support maybe trying to help other leagues by somehow purposefully adding lag or other game problems against certain leagues. Many players have long regarded support in this game with suspicion and bias towards Chinese leagues and some others who are favored. But not until recently did I have any semblance of proof. One of our players was taking a break and wanted to try some other leagues... he went to War1war which is a league that recently won silver cup tournament (2 seasons ago) and is led by a player who is known to be closely allied with the Chinese leagues, use extensive networks of alts and spies, and generally shady. The context is missing from the screenshot included here. So maybe it's not what it seems... but it sure seems to me like support agreeing to somehow aid war1war in plans against us (possible with "technical support" which could mean lag). In our current map, the game is virtually unplayable. We are still winning by large margin anyway. But it's not about winning or losing anymore. Just about whether or not I enjoy playing the game. And I just don't anymore. Large battles used to be the best part of this game. And now it's impossible to navigate because so much lag and connection issues (especially for GODz possibly moreso than other leagues). So I quit now and wish you all the best. Screenshots below are extreme lag and connection issues examples plus the screenshot between support staff and War1war about them helping with technical support against GODz. Support, feel free to explain more context about that those messages mean... or just delete the thread if you know you guilty. I don't care. Im done now. Bye
  24. Why was the B25 nurfed?

    Hi guys, Been on a break for about 2 months and I came back to see that the B25 has clearly been nurfed!! Anybody knows what the hell is going on? I saw that they will bring in more bomber types soon but why nurf the B25? I can understand nurfing the Strat its OP but why the B25???

    yeah , i did not mean reset tech as abusing trick, just got many mistakes as noob in the first time of playing. Now I am paying my mistakes, naive mistakes, and i do not see a solution. please please please devs, I would love to get those thousands gold back to use it consciously for a better tech, according also with my purcased officers, thanks

    I like the idea. With multiple classes, it would be nice to be able to move your gold around to support your different class choices. Unfortunately. I can also see how it could be abused. Only allowing it to be done if you're not in a field would probably be the safest way.

    Please Devs, make technology s reset possible.. please , please...
  28. Bugs and Compensation

    We did the maintenance before and was it not helpful? When one battlefield has some trouble, the developers will reset and do a quick fix.
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