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World Warfare
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  2. bridge on the river kwai dirty dozen where eagles dare patton u-boat (i cant remember original name... boot?) letters from iwo jima saving private ryan valkyrie also ww2 motivated: shindler's list, life is beautiful (la vita e bella), casablanca, great escape, pianist...
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  4. i am. my game name is МШ (marshall). i can write a book about game, but im very bad with video production. i love to help and i have helped many players who want to hear & accept advice8. gameplay skills come with experience, and i like to share my experience. you can easily find me on main page individual rankings and ask me anything.
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  6. how interesting.. what a good number of ally members should one be a part of? who are good mentors for fresh newbies?
  7. Memphis Belle, no matter how wildly inaccurate it was. Where Eagles Dare was a fun fictional story, a young Clint Eastwood.
  8. - limit gem spending to 5-10k per player. or setup a limit of gems for all team, for example every team can spend 20k gems in total. - if building construction/upgrade time is half of normal time, why you didnt do the same thing for producing armanents and training units time? (make it 50% of normal time) - delete option to buy resources from comercial center. ID: 186740
  9. Get into a good league and find a mentor. Game Knowledge and allies are two of the most important things in this game hands down. If you lack either one of them, you will be in for a rough time.
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  11. When you're playing World Warfare, what's your ultimate strategy to success? More-so, what advice would you give to novice players? Helping new Commanders compete in an ever-growing warzone, ensures everyone gets a fair chance to play, and gives everyone the opportunity to challenge themselves and prove their skillset. If you're a passionate WW2 enthusiast, an engineer with calculated planning, or even an actual vet with military experience, we'd like to hear from the veteran players themselves, on how newbies can master strategy with World Warfare. Regards, World Warfare Team YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnpc0Z50w5QcAZvkMsL5S3w IOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/world-warfare-3d-mmo-wargame/id1035495958 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.joycrafter.worldwarfare.gp
  12. Skud

    Fix your bugs

    Your system won’t let me log in my time around 4pm in Australia for a couple of hours despite this being a ‘world warfare’ game. Fix it as it has cost me troops and build etc numerous times . this is useless if you cannot log in you can’t do anything and you offer nothing as compensation. The worst customer service ever!! not happy!!!
  13. hi. when finish maintenance?
  14. I agree. The medals need to be consistent with the timeframe
  15. Battle of Britain no question
  16. Do we have a projected time frame that we can get back online? is there a list of big fixes somewhere?
  17. Dear Developers, pls let us know before you are starting a maintenance. Specially the ones who takes more than 2 hours. To be honest I would like to learn what would happen my gigs on the air, and my battleships.
  18. As a classic I guess Battle of Britain
  19. I like the MMR battlefield, there are armaments and iron, just look for them. extend the time on the map to 24h or more and not to 5 or 6 hours. the rewards after 10th are ridiculous. if I have to play MMR to get 1000 gems, I stop playing it.
  20. land of mines valkiri
  21. Make more time between declaring victory and the “battle field duration” timer IGN: Maxanator
  22. i agree with everything this woman has just said.
  23. Midway I liked a lot because I learned about the officers in this game before I saw the movie and saw which officer did what in the war / pretty cool to see the game come to life in the movie midway with admiral Nimitz and Yamamoto
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