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World Warfare
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  1. Today
  2. They already are VERY resistant to aoe if set-up correctly
  3. Gunslinger21

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    Maybe make it to where tanks or armored units are not affected by AOE? Or half it maybe? Just an idea but it would help with M40s and other aoe units.
  4. Yesterday
  5. JNhanSmile

    Can't Create Commander

    Hello, I have the game on Steam and I can't create my commander. I put the name in and it tells me that connection failed or something. Are the servers down? Or is it something with the Steam Client?
  6. Last week
  7. Blackstar1

    Cup is even worse than before.

    Guess what man. They "fixed "it . Now your members are green will turn blue if they log back in but also here is the funny part . Missions still not working and the Asians leagues we are fighting in our cup is already in middle of map completing all there missions ;^) .Also they gave a 200 gems for compensation but I spent more then that so I'm very sad and frustrated.
  8. Colton09

    Can’t see troops when they are selected

    You select the troops and on the top of the screen you can’t see their little icon
  9. Colton09

    Feedback From Battleship Supremacy

    I found It fun because you never really use battle ships so it was pretty fun.only the way the map was layer out made it hard expand if you were on the east side
  10. Bloodmancer

    Cup is even worse than before.

    I totally agree, It's also apparent that the devs lied to us. The cup is not "Random" as promised but instead puts everyone it a cup map in the order that they registered. Now that many leagues have an advantage based on this glitch over others it will be necessary to restart this season.
  11. Blackstar1

    Cup is even worse than before.

    Hello I am also having the same problem as you but I am in the league godz dynasty and we just found out that our 1 guy who is registered can't even complete the missions either. And not just that but somehow we are going against both of the top 2 Chinese leagues with there sister league and they also have no problem except for there sister league who has 5/6. I do feel like that we now have to reset this cup or at least not count it against us since basically from I have seen is that a lot of leagues are struggling and glitching out while Chinese are playing without a single problem.its like giving them a free win for barley playing which I believe is against what a tournament stands for.
  12. marshallG

    Tournament requirements

    bloomancer, if the point of bronze is only to qualify for silver cup, they should call it qualifications for silver cup, and not bronze cup, including achievements/medals for completing those "game missions". i dont want to farm anyone for gold, i want to play the game and among other things - complete game achievements. one of them is winning bronze cup. so why am i not allowed to do it? this practically means whoever wants to play bronze (for any reason, for example doesnt want to stress or spend as much as in silver cup) has to drop/change current league and enter bronze with "newer" league, which doesnt make sense. as the devs said - bronze should be free for all, and silver only if you qualify. thanks for your feedback though.
  13. Bloodmancer

    Cup is even worse than before.

    So, I just dropped 15k gems on my cup match, only to find out that I am not being counted towards the league. Only one of my teammates is, meanwhile, the league above us has three members. We literally cannot do anything, as only one player can get league rewards, make LC''s etc. To make matters even worse, I can no longer get into the game after attempting to reinstall the game. We've asked you again and again to find someone to run support during the weekends, and yet I can get ahold of no one. We've asked you again and again to test things before you throw them at us, yet here I find that everything is broken once more. The best part is that the Chinese in silver cup are having absolutely no issues. Thanks to your careless business tactics, I've just wasted 70 dollars on your game that I can no longer play, and can't get anyone to help. My team has no chance of winning bronze, and the same leagues continue to farm it for easy gold while you sit back and do nothing.
  14. Bloodmancer

    Tournament requirements

    Marshall, Bronze cup is for newer leagues to prove they are ready for silver, not for you to farm for easy gold.
  15. marshallG

    gigs space bug

    same old bug with loading units into gigs on ("new") liberty map. it is extremely annoying. space "points" of different type units (tank, vehicle, infantry) when loading into gigs are not calculated right.
  16. marshallG

    Tournament requirements

    quote: Bronze Cup: All leagues are able to participate. a. for some reason, i dont see team signup for bronze cup, only for silver. bug or intention? i see no reason that any league can not play bronze cup, if they dont want to play silver cup. as quoted text above says. b. why (alreadyqualifiedforsilvercup) league can not have team for both silver and bronze cup during same season? c. where is the post with new tourney rules? this forum is organized like a huge pile of sand.
  17. LestatPL


    Zawsze możesz zainstalować emulator i grać we wszystkie gry na androida
  18. Pazzoo

    Class Tech Introduction

    bel gioco di strategia un Po da migliorare con la chat mettendo la traduzione in automatico
  19. MODUN

    Can’t update new version on iPhone

    I can’t update new version on iPhone
  20. ZeusTheGreat

    Leaving world warfare

    Sucks to see old players and leagues leave the game but it was an honor to fight against and with some guys been fun all
  21. ZeusTheGreat

    Share your battle!

  22. Earlier
  23. Blitz combat system is broken. Not all “veteran leagues” love it. Normal battlefield is fine.
  24. Pietryga

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    Please bring back blitzkrieg. I know all of the veteran leagues loved it. Normal battlefield is just too slow. Upvote if you agree!
  25. MkV

    The Ten Thousand

    Probably best to PM the league leader. Thats how i got in touch with them
  26. Saladin

    The Ten Thousand

    I had to google translate all this and I love the concept and idea since I'm sick of being in past bf with 5 6 top leagues all allying each other and going for small group of leagues or new players. I still have few questions and would be awesome if someone who speaks English can help and explain. Thanks guys.
  27. lion313

    Leaving world warfare

    Good everone
  28. lion313

    declare war on GODz

  29. DaShyGuy

    Resource area can’t choose owner

    Hi guys so im having a problem where resource areas won’t go to a owner and I can’t change the owner I’m not sure if it’s because the city I just captured was turned to a league city or if their is something wrong. I added a image to help so people can see what it looks like
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