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World Warfare
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New Start



      My 1st account was on an IPod in which was then handy downed to my sister and I then got an IPhone. I started over for the fun of it. I went through the battle against Japan in the beginning then entered the battlefield. Since my account was new I was put in a battlefield with new accounts only. I made a league named NickAtNyte (he's my favorite mobile gaming youtuber) and since nearly everyone was leagueless I was able to get most of the top 20. We absoloutly dominated the battlefield by getting over 80 more cities than the next best (we were allied to almost everyone which made it difficult to find available cities). After that ended about 16 people became inactive and two quit, but along the way we picked up another guy in an "Ilses of War" (my league mate started it and I was finale person out of every body to join) my niebourgh eliminated me then joined my league minutes later. I'm currently on my third battlefield and was able to get a new recruit.


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